It’s no secret that Virginia has one of the best Fall seasons in the United States. Between the perfect mid-60s weather to scenic drives surrounded by beautiful shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, it truly is one of the best places to experience all the season has to offer. But, when the weather drops at night, you need a cozy place to curl up with your warm cider.

And what better place than in front of your fireplace? Since September 22 marked the first day of Fall for 2022, it’s finally time to break out your season decor and give your home the Autumn makeover it deserves! For this blog, we’re focusing on the coziest part of any home – your fireplace mantle! Keep reading for ways to decorate your mantle this Fall season!

Add layers of texture

Custom fireplace mantles can be a great way to add layers of texture and warmth in your home. Here are five ways that you can spruce up your mantel this fall:
– Hanging a simple garland from the mantel. Add some berries or leaves for texture. Choose colors that complement your home’s decor.

Add warmth with rugs and throws

Add a warm and cozy look to your fireplace mantle with a custom built fireplace mantle or custom fireplace mantle. A nice way to do this is by adding rugs, throws and other items around it. Be sure you have an area rug under the mantle so your floor is protected from any spills. You could also use throw pillows on the sofa nearby or footstools in front of the fire.

Display a grouping of collectibles

A fireplace mantle is a perfect place for displaying your favorite collectibles. Consider adding ornaments, candles, and other seasonal items for an inviting fall look.
1) A custom fireplace mantle can add a personal touch with the right mix of colors and shapes that are reminiscent of the changing season. 2) Custom built fireplace mantles offer more space to display collections such as wine bottles, plants, books, and much more.

Group your family photos

Take a look at the custom built fireplace mantle in your home and you will see an assortment of family photos. The fireplace is a great place to display memories, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right spot for them all. Here are five ways to spruce up your fall fireplace mantle this season.
1) Hang a few pictures on the outside of the mantle. This can help fill empty space or cover any unsightly stains that might be on the wood.

Add flowers (real or faux)

Adding flowers (real or faux) to your mantle is a great way to spruce up your fall fireplace mantel. You can also add other personal touches such as favorite books, photos, and small candles. The best part of this decoration idea is that it’s easy to do and the materials are fairly inexpensive.

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